What Is A Baby Registry and Where Are The Best Places To Register For Your Baby?

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A baby registry is very much like a bridal registry.

It is simply defined as a checklist of what expecting parents want their upcoming baby to have as gifts at the baby shower.
  • Not all countries recognize this concept but it’s gaining currency around the world.

This type of list lets your guests get a good idea about which things they can buy as presents for the baby. By making this type of list, you’ll be able to avoid any gift overlap. There’s little danger of getting duplicate items or receiving presents that you think will not be appropriate or useful.


If you’re a first time parent, it’s advisable to get tips and general help from other people who have made this type of registry before. You can try some general online research to generate more ideas. Also, ask yourself honestly, what would you really like for your baby?

Things To Do

First things first, being organized is the key to everything if you want perfect results. The Internet is a superb tool for researching things you think will best suit your baby’s needs and are also in line with your own tastes.

Preparing for a baby shower can also be undeniably stressful and tiresome at times. Thing is, the excitement of having a little celebration before the arrival of your precious little one will lessen the burdens you experience on the way. Having your closest friends and family to celebrate your baby’s shower is a fantastic way to share your joy.

So, get your planner and list all of the names you want to share this happy occasion with. And, while doing your research, come up with the products you would like guests to buy for the baby shower.

When preparing your lists of gift items, do not jot down just anything you might vaguely fancy. Be focused. Consider also how you would feel about seeing the list if the roles were reversed and you were buying. You should note a specific price range, from $5 to $25 as an example.Also include how many of those items you would like to have. This will prevent you from getting too many of each given product on your list.

  • Take note of the most important items that should be prioritized…
  • Strollers and walkers
  • Breast milk pumps
  • Baby car seats
  • Baby crib
  • Baby carrier
  • High chair

Some other ideas for you are a mattress, diaper pail, diaper bags, changing table, ear thermometer and humidifier.

It is also wise to include things that your baby might need to use for the next two years after he is born. Think about a baby bathtub, bibs, blankets, clothes, pacifiers, baby pillows, mittens, socks and bonnets.

Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns
  • Important Note: It is perfectly OK to write down diapers and feeding bottles as gift ideas because these items will consume much of your expenses for as long as the baby needs them. It’s a smart idea, though, to make it clear to your friends not to oversupply you with them.

If this is not your first baby shower, consider which things your next baby can have from the stuff that your previous baby or babies have already used. Then register the items that are no longer fit to be used for the upcoming baby. We suggest registering for nursery rhyme or lullaby CDs or perhaps some items for you like a baby book or Snot Sucker.

Where to Register?

As mentioned before, enlist the help of friends or family members who have already done the baby registry thing. Asking advice from anyone experienced is always beneficial. Also, check online for ideas and consult your hubby or any friend who can help you choose.

There are stores that come up with promos but, of course, ask yourself if these promos are worthwhile and whether they will make the occasion more affordable and exciting.

Best Places to Register For Baby To find which sites or stores are best to use, read plenty of reviews and ask any of your friends and family for their suggestions.

  • Here are some of our tips…
Amazon Universal Baby Registry

Amazon Universal Baby Registry:

What doesn’t the mighty Amazon sell? With so much on offer anyway, many people overlook their awesome Baby Registry. With a simple click, you can add items to your baby registry from any online store, not just Amazon. They offer a 10% completion discount which is increased to 15% off for members of Amazon Mom. Any returns within 90 days are free taking all your stress away. Create your registry here.

Babies ‘R’ Us:

In an attempt to compete with Amazon, Babies ‘R’ Us offer a guarantee to match prices. You’ll get 10% discount and an eGift card. Free apps are available for both iOS and Android. Create your registry here.

Buy Buy Baby:

This is another baby registry available both online and in store. If you pop into the shop you can enjoy a free consulting service. For each $100 spent, you’ll get a $25 gift card. This is a great incentive. With free card, coupons and a 20% discount, think seriously about this baby haven for your special day. Create your registry here.


With a wide range of excellent perks for both you and your baby, Target is a smart choice. You can shop online or offline and use a handy mobile app. Both returns and exchanges are made easy for you. 6 weeks before your due date, you’ll get a 15% completion discount. With their REDcard, you’ll enjoy a further 5% off. Nobody on a budget should ignore Target! Create your registry here.

Among a number of other options, you should also think about Wal-Mart, Sears and Baby Depot.

We advise you to choose only one store or site to avoid any problems.
  • Important Note: If you want to register online, make sure that the online shop you choose is reliable and can really deliver the exact items as you ordered them and on time.

Consider the Gender

If you want to register for baby clothes, you must first of all make sure that you already know the baby’s gender to avoid getting pink color ways or dresses for a baby boy or blue apparel for your little princess.

But then again, if you want the baby shower to come even earlier for some reason, you can opt to specify on the registry that you would like only neutral colors like yellow, green, white, beige and brown.

  • One helpful tip: make it clear what clothing brands you want your baby to have if you have a preference.

Next Step

When all online shopping and canvassing is done and a baby registry is already filled up according to your wishes, it is now time as the hostess to inform your prospective guests about the baby registry using either email or card invites.

This invitation thing really is usually (and preferably) done not by the expectant mother but by the chosen hostess of the shower. Invites should be sent at least a month before the intended date of the event.

In Closing

A baby registry is always a joyful preparation for the gathering of the new mom and her female friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby. It is one way of helping guests and the mother to make the baby shower more exciting and fun-filled as well as being a practical solution to gift-buying.

Organizing a baby shower can be a bit of hard work but it will certainly make waiting for the stork more thrilling and enjoyable. The event is sure to be memorable for both you and your friends.

If you have any questions or comments then please get in touch. We are always happy to hear from our readers and we’ll get back to you as swiftly as possible.

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