Sleep and Your Baby: Some Handy Hints To Help You

Sleep and Your Baby
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Generally, newborn babies up to three months old sleep for more hours than you might think.

The problem is, babies tend to sleep in the day which then causes them to be up all night.

​When you need to get your sleep but you cannot seem to coax your baby towards rest, it can be extremely frustrating.

​How to get your newborn to sleep in a crib at a time when you really need to be sleeping yourself is a common problem.

​We will look at how to do this today along with different aspects of the best sleep health for your baby.

  • ​Parents basically require an overall adjustment, especially if both are working.

​Sometimes, it is the mother who sacrifices not just her sleep but her own job as well. In other cases, both partners work and need to be up early. Helping everyone in the family to enjoy the soundest sleep is essential.

​Is there a technique to properly put your baby to sleep or does the sleeping environment contribute more to the infant’s restful snooze?

​We will look at some ways in which all of you can get the most satisfying sleep.

​Is Sleeping With Your Baby Advisable?

Is Sleeping With Your Baby Advisable

Most parents, while expecting, prepare a nursery room for their coming bundle of joy.

But, when their little angel is finally here, they sometimes can’t resist the idea of sleeping with the baby.

  • ​This can be harmful and is not generally advised.
​Babies can become endangered by their own parents when sleeping with them in the same bed.

​Babies can die due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) a fatal occurrence where a baby dies due to suffocation or other injuries that may be unconsciously brought about by the parents while asleep.

​We know you have been waiting so long for your cuties to come out and you want to make them safe by keeping them beside you in bed. We can assure you, though, that there is no safer place for the baby in these stages but away from anyone who can hurt then while sleeping. This includes even their own parents.

​Furthermore, you will find it more difficult to sleep yourself because you will be too conscious about kicking or otherwise hurting your baby while slumbering.

​What Is the Best Thing To Do?

Best Thing To Do

  • If you cannot resist being with your baby the whole night then we suggest you get a bassinet for the baby to lie on. It is a small type of crib that normally contains a hood.

You can place the bassinet beside your bed so you will be right nearby whenever the baby needs you.

​Bassinets are widely recommended in preference to a bigger crib because bassinets adapt to the baby’s size. They give him the feeling of still being inside his mother’s womb.


​Babies must swiftly adjust to their new environment after being born. They sometimes cry without a reason because they don’t feel safe without the placenta that holds them. Emulating this with a bassinet can comfort them to sleep nicely.

​During the day (or if you plan to go out) a Moses basket is advisable. This crib resembles a bassinet but it doesn’t have a stand. As the name implies, you can carry it anywhere like a basket.

​So it’s best to put your baby in this type of crib up to the age of four months or until the time they outgrow the size of the bassinet. They can then move to a bigger cradle like a cot bed where they can start practicing their newly developed movements.

​How To Help Your Baby Get A Good Sleep

How To Help Your Baby Get A Good Sleep

Now the real trouble begins when the baby starts to sleep more in the day and less at night.

If you and your partner work in the daytime, the issue is that you’re both up early and understandably want to sleep peacefully in the evening. You need your recovery time just like your baby does.

  1. The first trick comes with extremely comfy bedding for the baby to sleep on. It should be clean and replaced on a regular basis especially after the baby wets itself. Dirty sheets will cause rashes and can even lead to a disease for your baby.
  2. Get a crib that is right for your baby as mentioned above. You can also rock the cradle to enhance sleepiness in the baby. Consider putting colorful rotating baby items as decorations for the baby to look at. This kind of mobile can help lull him to sleep.
  3. Feed the baby only when it is hungry, that is when it wakes up or starts to cry. Correct feeding routines with your baby are vital if they are to become healthy and strong. Avoid feeding them directly before they sleep as that will often result in them spilling out milk while laid sleeping.
  4. Lay your babe flat on his back and not on his tummy. If you lay him face down, it can cause a blockage of oxygen to his heart and brains that could even lead to death. When the baby can flip its body on its own, you then safely can let him sleep on his stomach since he can now move independently if he feels uncomfortable.
  5. Get into the habit of changing the diaper before you let your baby sleep even if it is not yet that soiled. This promotes a comfy, fuss-free sleep.
  6. Play your baby songs while they snooze. Music helps babies travel to dreamland and the brain functions can even be enhanced.
  7. Never lay the baby onto his crib if he isn’t yet that drowsy or sleepy. Chances are, you will end up wasting your time waiting for sleep to come around. Don’t force the issue.
  8. And lastly, do not rush into taking your baby out of the crib once you hear him cry, especially at night. Remove your baby from the crib if he won’t really stop crying, though. Most of the time, babies just feel uncomfortable or are dreaming which they can only manifest through crying a little.
Newborn Baby

Having a newborn baby is never an easy task for any parent.

​It’s more of a challenge than a burden, though. The joy babies give to everyone is indescribable and priceless.

​These tips are just some valuable insights that we hope can be of help to you.

​Enjoy your babies including the small issues of parenting them!

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