Organic Baby Formula: Is It The Best Option For Your Baby?

Organic Baby Formula Is It The Best Option For Your Baby
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Organic foods simply have no chemicals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, steroids or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in them.

With the advent of organic food being so heavily promoted, many people have had to also adjust to new ways of planting and growing plants as well as feeding animals differently…

​Animals should be fed with plants or grasses that are naturally grown. What the farmers grow, we eat. What the animals eat, humans benefit from too. Everything is interconnected.

​You obviously want to give your baby the best possible start in life. Today we will look at organic baby formula and whether or not this is the best option for your baby after all-natural breast milk.

Why use Organic Baby Formula?

Baby Milk Formula

​There are many situations in which a mother might not be able to use breast milk.

​Sometimes, a mother just cannot produce her own milk. Perhaps the baby has breast milk intolerance or allergic reactions to this milk. There are occasions when there is not enough time to pump breast milk. Maybe breasts and nipples are sore after what seems like endless feeding. In any instances like these, moms are advised to use formula milk when feeding their young.

​But which type of formula milk is best?

Should you opt for synthetic baby milk formulas packed with vitamins and minerals or the organic variety?

​Research shows that conventional formula milk doesn’t actually have much milk in it at all. It consists mainly of processed, refined synthetic ingredients and chemicals listed as vitamins and minerals with a great deal of sweeteners and artificial fats added too.

​Organic baby formulas, on the other hand, are stuffed with far superior and healthier alternative ingredients. You think carefully about your own diet so it makes sense to pay the same attention to what you feed your precious newborn.

​What is an Organic Baby Formula?

​Organic baby formula milk is a formula created to ensure optimum health benefits for babies.

​This formula is packed with all natural and purely organic ingredients. Kiss goodbye to any chemicals or synthetic contents. Organic formula has no artificial fats or sweeteners either.

​This milk comes from cows that were raised naturally (without growth hormones injected) and ate organic grasses or organic feed.

  • ​Organic milk comes in powdered, concentrated and whole milk form.

​It’s manufactured by farmers who are duly licensed by the National Organics Standard Board (NSOB) and compliant with the requirements and regulations for producing organic food.

​When feeding your baby this whole milk formula, it’s better to discard any milk left over as bacteria can accumulate due to the baby’s saliva.

​With regard to powdered and concentrated formulas, simply add hot water to them and you’re good to go.

Formula Drink for Infant

​Organic milk formulas may be better than regular formulas but breast-feeding is still the best form of milk for babies by some distance. If there is no genuine reason against breast-feeding mothers are advised against switching to other alternatives.

​However, as mentioned above, organic formulas are pure and healthy. They are certainly not a bad fallback option. You can be sure with organic formula that your infants will be nourished in a healthier, better way than conventional formula can deliver.

  • ​Important Note: Organic baby formulas, just like any other organic foods, are usually pretty expensive. If you have the cash to spare, though, it will be worth every penny spent.

​Are All Organic Formulas Safe?

​This is a fairly complicated question but some studies reveal that several organic baby milks on the market contain contents harmful to babies. These are banned in both US and EU countries.

When buying organic baby milk formulas take note of the following ingredients:

  • Palm Oil. This oil is added as fat but in high amounts could harm the baby’s digestive system and will likely cause constipation too.
Feeding Newborn with Milk Formula

Palm Oil is the sole ingredient that is allowed in EU Countries. All of those mentioned below are banned in the EU but are allowed in the US.

  • Sugar syrups (derived from brown or white rice and corn) can cause obesity in babies. Brown rice contains more amounts of inorganic arsenic than white rice so is the preferred option.
  • Synthetic ingredients like taurine, lycopene, ascorbic palmitate, lutein, beta-carotene, L-carnitine, L-methionine, neuclotides and DHA and ARA extracted from fungus and algae through the use of hexane (neurotoxic solvent) are all bad news. These are proven to contain neurotoxic materials and pollutants within them that might cause diarrhea, vomiting or seizures in infants.
  • Carrageenan is a carcinogenic red seaweed derivative.
  • This is another form of sweeteners that may cause diabetes in babies.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A). This is a synthetic toxic compound that is already banned by NOSB due to the harmful effects it has on the reproductive system and behavioral development of all babies.
  • Important Note: Lactose is the sole sweetener that is allowed to be present in an organic baby formula. This is because it closely resembles the natural sweetener found in human milk.

Switching to eating organic foods is never an easy choice. You have to deal with the added expense because organic products are invariably costlier. Additional time and effort spent in choosing the best organic milk formula for babies is paramount.

​It is hard work to keep on looking for organic formulas then checking any ingredients that shouldn’t be present. Your baby’s health is always a priority. Never overlook this important fact.

Baby with a Milk Bottle

​How about if you want organic formula but money is truly too tight?

​If you have plenty of time at your disposal, why not try homemade organic milk instead? This is a great compromise.

This great site has a recipe that looks tough but is actually pretty straightforward to follow. There is a handy video included to clear up any confusion.


The benefits of breast milk are wide-ranging and this will always remain the ideal method of feeding your newborn.

When it comes to formulas, though, there is little doubt that organic baby formula is the best option for your baby.

​Happy feeding!

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