Best Shoes For Pregnancy 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

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Being pregnant might well be considered a natural occurrence in every woman of child bearing age but undergoing such a phase also poses a lot of issues and changes in a woman’s body.

Along with the hormonal alterations come the growing belly, body discomforts, certain ailments and mood swings. And, with the baby growing inside the mother’s tummy, body weight increases as well, sometimes uncomfortably.

As the mother gets heavier, the impact it has on the feet is remarkably tedious, especially if she is bigger and her feet are smaller proportional to her weight.

The importance of getting the most comfortable pregnancy shoes cannot be overstated.

When you are worrying about diapers or what to feed your baby, the last thing you need on your mind is the issue of shoes.

We’ll explore now a wide range of options so there really should be something for every taste.

Shoes Suggested for 1st Trimester

You may hear advice from some that once you suspect that you are pregnant, you should stay away from heeled shoes.

Well, nowadays, that isn’t always the case.

There are instances, especially for work, where pregnant women can wear 1-inch heeled shoes.

The main reasons why flat footwear is almost universally suggested is due to the danger of tripping if you are in heeled shoes. There is always a chance with stilettos that the heels might get stuck in a hole or you could trip on something.

1) Flat Shoes and Sandals:

The number one choice of footwear for pregnancy. Since time immemorial, pregnant women have chosen to wear flats for the duration of their pregnancy. Flat shoes and sandals are not only very comfy for the feet but they also impose zero danger of tripping.

2) Flip-flops:

Aside from being flats, flip-flops are also always open which provides not just comfort to the heels but also makes the entire feet breathe.

3) One-inched Shoes or Sandals:

It wouldn’t hurt to wear shoes with heels of up to one inch during the 1st trimester because the pregnant belly isn’t that heavy yet and your legs won’t be so prone to swelling.

4) Moderate Heels:

These type of shoes are still alright to use during the first three months of pregnancy as the weight will generally still not be so great.

5) Wedges:

If you cannot resist wearing heels but are worried you might accidentally trip or that your heels might get stuck on something, wedges are the best alternative. They don’t just offer ease and comfort to your heels but can also protect the entire feet from whatever weight your body is now carrying with thick and wide heels.

6) Boots:

For the fashionable momma, you simply can’t fault a good pair of boots.

7) Sneakers, Rubber Shoes:

Need we say more? With this type of footwear, you can never go wrong.

Important Note: Although wearing stilettos can still be acceptable during pregnancy, special care should always be practiced when using them.

Shoes Suggested for 2nd to 3rd Trimester

The fourth to ninth months of pregnancy might not be as delicate as the first three months but these trimesters are crucial. During these months, the fetus is already developing into a human form. By such time, extra caution should be taken when choosing what footwear is most suitable and practical.

1) All Flats:

These are advisable from shoes to sandals and flip flops including boots, rubber shoes and sneakers.

2) Any One-inch Heeled Footwear:

You are fine to wear small heels continuously if you feel comfortable doing so.

flat shoe

3) Wedges:

Any inch-heeled wedged are ideal as the extra width can support and handle the growing belly’s weight.

4) Stilettos:

Although there are lots of warnings and arguments about this type of shoe, whenever needed (and depending on the wearer), stilettos can still be worn in pregnancy but with a great deal of caution. Never feel pressured into wearing stilettos and only do so if it feels safe and good for you.

Pregnancy Shoes for Swollen Feet

A pregnant mother’s feet are expected to swell. The growing weight of the tummy extends a great deal of pressure to the feet.

Women in their 3rd trimester acutely feel this problem and, in such cases, special care should be exercised in choosing the most comfortable shoes for pregnancy.

1) Ballet Shoes:

ballet shoes

These shoes are not only perfectly flat but they are also soft and stretchable. This means that a swollen pregnant mom’s feet will feel much ease and comfort wearing ballet shoes.

2) Boots: 

Boots not only support the feet but the legs as well. They give ample protection in case somebody accidentally steps on your swollen foot.

3) Flats, Flats, Anything Flat: 

If your feet are swollen, the last thing you would think of wearing are heeled shoes not even a wedge type. Go flat when conditions dictate.


4) Rubber shoes:

Choose ones that feel soft inside since swollen feet tend to be tender and painful.

Important Note: As with any swollen feet, the size of your tootsies will definitely get a bit bigger than usual. When this happens, it is recommended that you buy footwear at least a half-inch bigger than your shoe size to anticipate these swelling feet episodes during pregnancy.

Another Tip: Choose shoes with outer soles that have a steady, non-slip grip. When you are pregnant, it is highly risky to slip over for obvious reasons. You can find some of these in any respectable shoe store.

Wrap Up

We hope we have given you plenty of useful pointers regarding pregnancy shoes and what changes to expect in your feet and legs as your belly gets bigger.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions just feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to accommodate you.

Happy shoe hunting!

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