Best Organic Baby Cereal

Best Organic Baby Cereal
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Organic food is food derived naturally from plants and animals that do not contain any artificial fertilizers, antibiotics and chemicals. With so many genetically modified food issues, increasingly people are turning to organic farmed foods for their own wellbeing and that of their families.

New generation parents are fully aware of the dangers that artificially processed foods pose on their children’s health. And these same parents are turning to organically grown foods to ensure optimum family health.

​A great way to kickstart that is through their newborn babies’ feedings. New moms look for alternative ways to feed their young. That is why, aside from turning down formula milk solution for their own breast milk, mothers nowadays choose to feed their infants the organic way.

​Healthier Choice

Vegetables Naturally Grown

It is always nice to go back to the time when our grandparents are fed by their parents vegetables that were naturally grown from their own backyard, sea foods fresh from clean waters, meat from animals that ate greens that sprouted from unpolluted soil. No chemicals. No synthetic materials. No pesticides added.

No wonder old people have strong bodies and most live longer and healthier. It is never too late to apply those things that the elderly were given as a foundation of their health to our babies to ensure the same benefits on their lives too.

Our parents gave us rice cereals as the first solid food when we were young but now, experts say that rice shouldn’t always have to be the only choice.

Kids Pick Fruit in a Basket

In order to secure healthier rewards, parents should revert to the healthiest options too. There are several new alternatives to the regular rice cereals that are given to babies. Most are organic meals.

  • Important Note: When you see your baby touching anything and putting it inside their mouths, that is the indication that the baby is now ready to eat solid foods.

Organic Food for Baby

Organic Food For Baby
The only snags parents can encounter in choosing organic food as opposed to the commercialized rice cereals are time management and patience. Preparing organic cereals, especially for babies, isn’t easy. This is particularly true for working moms.

But, since we all love our little angels, additional workload such as this doesn’t really matter as long as it’s for the welfare of the baby.

Tips on How to Choose Organic Cereals/Food for Babies.

Many pediatricians recommend rice cereals as babies’ very first solid food because it is soft and easy for babies to digest.
Rice Porridge with Milk for Baby

Rice has vitamin B complex and plenty of carbohydrates along with a little protein and iron. Babies lose the iron they have stored from their mothers in the womb at six months old. The B complex produces hemoglobin but that isn’t enough to sustain the iron needed by the baby’s developing body.

Therefore, it is necessary to supply the infants with iron by that age. And iron can only be found in high quantities in meat, vegetables and fruits. It’s imperative to grind these sources in order for the babies to eat them well.

Brown rice (organic or non organic) contains more nutrients than white rice. It has 60 to 90 percent more vitamins, minerals and iron content than polished, rice. But, much like white rice, brown rice does not contain vitamin C. This is essential for helping the body to absorb iron.

Healthy Baby Organic Foods

That is when fruits and vegetables come in. Citrus fruits and greens have a lot of iron along with a dose of vitamin C, too. Try making a puree of your choice of meat, fruits or veggies together with brown rice, oatmeal or barley. Add also breast milk but no sugar or salt so that the baby’s tongue will get used to the natural tastes of the food.

  • Important Note: New studies show that there is a presence of inorganic arsenic in white rice and more on brown rice. This could prove to be harmful to humans in the years to come but we do not have enough evidence right now to know for certain.

Due to this it is advised that parents should wash rice thoroughly and, if possible, soak it for 30 minutes before cooking to lessen its arsenic content. Moreover, it is best to substitute rice with other grains such as oats or barley where the there is a reduced arsenic content.

How to Prepare Organic Cereals/Food

Baby Age of 1 Year Eats Rice Milk With Pumpkin

If you prefer to still have your baby get a grain substitute for rice such as oatmeal and barley then make sure those are ground thoroughly using either a blender or food processor till you have a nice powdery consistency.

Do the same with meat, vegetables and fruits but do not mix them with any of the grains as these are softer than barley and oatmeal.

After this, you could start cooking powdered grains along with breast milk and fruits such as bananas or apples. Or with breast milk, vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes and greens. Wait for a thick, soupy consistency.

With regards to using meat such as fish, chicken, beef or pork, add them only with vegetables of your choice. Breast milk is optional as it may not taste great with fish and beef. You can replace the milk with a small amount of distilled water.

  • Then you’re done. You have your homemade organic first solid food for your baby. Guaranteed healthy food made from pure love.

Babies are every parent’s pride and joy. They depend mainly on adults to take care of them. It is always best to trust your own guts and judgment on anything and everything you would want to give to your baby. This is acutely true with food.

Our prime concern here is to give the best advice to every parent regarding their baby’s health. With this article, we do hope we have helped you to consider trying try the best organic cereal options for your little one.

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